Flash Maker

Flash Maker 1.8

Creates SWF and Flash animation.s

Flash Maker is an easy to use software program that will help you create slideshows of your pictures and save them in SWF files that can be played with a Shockwave Flash Player.

This tool has an easy to use interface so it can be used by anyone whether they are amateur or experienced users. Flash Maker will help you use your own pictures, whether taken with a digital camera or drawn with Windows Paint.

It supports many image formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF and others. You are able to place your pictures in the order you want so they can be displayed as slideshows using a Shockwave Flash Player.

You can also add music and customized backgrounds to your presentation to produce a more professional look. Flash Maker can be useful for people who need to create photo slideshows with a fast and easy method.

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